St Mary's Catholic School

St Mary’s School seeks to provide an education which recognises the God-giftedness of all children and supports them spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

With Jesus as our model, we believe our Catholic ethos best enables us to live happily as a Christian Community.

At St Mary’s School we have a wide range of student competencies and needs, in respect of literacy and numeracy. In keeping with our Mission Statement, every child is nurtured to reach his or her full potential. A student’s education will not be limited by individual circumstances, such as their socio-economic status, gender, ethnic/cultural background, impairment or special talents they have. In pursuit of this aim, teachers on St Mary’s staff recognise and acknowledge the different circumstances and they attempt to cater for all the educational implications of these differences, in order for the children to achieve to the best of their ability.

Parents and community members are an important part of the St Mary’s School's community. Parental support in classroom activities, for example, support-a-reader, camps and excursions, is encouraged and welcomed.

Our goal at St Mary's School is that children learn things that are of value. We hope that this value is both for the present and for the future. We hope that their learning will be of interest to them today and of use to them in years to come.


Principal: Mrs Colette Williams 

39 Poole Street
Bowen QLD 4805

P: (07) 4786 1203
F: (07) 4786 2314

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