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The Arts

St Mary's School recognises and whole-heartedly supports the fact that: "The Arts have the capacity to engage, inspire and enrich all students, exciting the imagination and encouraging them to reach their creative and expressive potential.

The five Arts subjects "provide opportunities for students to learn how to create, design, represent, communicate and share their imagined and conceptual ideas, emotions, observations and experiences." - Australian Curriculum

Research has shown that involvement in the arts can improve engagement in learning, increase self-esteem and develop social, communication, team work and self-expression skills. Children also learn to connect and empathise with others through exposure to different societies and cultures within arts programs.

Every Thursday students have lessons given by our specialist Arts teacher, Mrs Antonio. Throughout the year they explore Visual Arts, Music, Drama and Media Arts. Dance is taught separately by external providers. Students have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities including:

  • printing, painting, drawing, textiles and modelling
  • listening, creating and responding to a variety of different music
  • role-play, improvisation, movement and performing plays
  • production of animations, photography and making videos with the integration of ICT equipment.

Various additional activities which encourage and showcase the arts are also offered throughout the year. These include:

  • Arts Councils and School Performance Tours
  • Choir and hymn practice
  • Tournament of Minds
  • ‘St Mary’s Factor’, school discos, musicals and Christmas concerts
  • ‘Music Count Us In’ and Mulkadee (TCEO Arts Festival).


Principal: Mrs Colette Williams 

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