St Mary's Catholic School

You Can Do It!

At St Mary's School we utilise a social and emotional learning program called You Can Do It! This program encourages students to develop five key skills on their way to academic success and their overall wellbeing.

These keys are:

  • Not being overly concerned about making mistakes
  • Trying different activities without fear 
  • Being independent
Getting Along
  • Working cooperatively with each other
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Showing tolerance of others’ differences
  • Putting things where they belong
  • Setting goals for yourself
  • Planning ahead to meet those goals
  • Trying harder even when your work is frustrating
  • Motivating yourself to deep going even when the rewards are small
  • Rising to challenges with your best efforts
  • Staying calm when you’re upset
  • Bouncing back from difficult situations
  • Remaining positive in hard times

Central to the development of these 5 Key Foundations is instilling in young people 12 Habits of the Mind, including:

  1. Accepting Myself
  2. Taking Risks
  3. Being Independent
  4. I Can Do It
  5. Giving Effort
  6. Working Tough
  7. Setting Goals
  8. Planning My Time
  9. Being Tolerant of Others
  10. Thinking First
  11. Playing by the Rules, and
  12. Social Responsibility


Principal: Mrs Colette Williams 

39 Poole Street
Bowen QLD 4805

P: (07) 4786 1203
F: (07) 4786 2314

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We are in week 1 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Monday 22 January 2018