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Enrolment Policy

Every child, by law, must attend school between the ages of five and fifteen. A child must attain the age of four on or before the 30 June in the year before commencing Prep. A child must attain the age of five on or before the 30 June in the year before commencing Year 1. The choice of school remains with the parents. For enrolment to occur, an interview must take place between the Principal and the parents of the prospective student. An "Application for Enrolment" form will be fully completed by a prospective student's parents.


Proof of age is required, preferably a Birth Certificate, for all new enrolments (particularly in Prep/ Year 1) or a transfer form from their previous school. Preferably, Preschool - Year 1 enrolments for the following year should be finalised in September for Catholic Education Office requirements. Transfer forms to another school are available from the School Office. On transferring from another school, any relevant documents and written information is appreciated - eg. Report Cards, Guidance Reports. All applicants and their parents will be required to support the religious goals and comply with the procedures of the school.


St Mary's School, Bowen is a Catholic School committed to passing on the faith to the next generation. St Mary's School is part of the ministry of the Diocese of Townsville and as one of the ministries of St Mary's Parish Bowen, it creates a community of faith and learning. It is a community of faith where the Christian spirit and values permeate all areas of learning and the school life, determining the whole atmosphere of the school. St Mary's School is committed to reflecting its Catholic identity to assist in the full personal development of those in its care and to impart academic learning. As a Catholic school it is a community of faith that supports the family by nurturing its children in the Catholic Faith. All members of the community are welcome within St Mary's School, provided that both parents and students understand and support school policy. Care is taken that the Catholicity of the school is always maintained. Occasionally a situation will arise where the school community is unable to accept all the children whose families are seeking enrolment for them. Where there is more than one family seeking enrolment for a limited number of places the community has an equitable procedure for determining which families children should receive priority on a waiting and placement list. All local Enrolment procedures are in accord with and reflect diocesan policy and directions.

The St Mary's School Enrolment Policy gives direction to the principal when considering family applications for admission to the school community.


Parents have the responsibility to make themselves fully aware of the school's Mission Statement.

No compromise will be make on the school’s Catholic identity.

Parents/guardians, when accepting their child’s enrolment will be responsible for all relevant fees and levies however no child will be denied enrolment because of genuine financial inability to meet the payment of such fees and levies.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate in the community life of the school.

Children with special needs will be considered for enrolment under CEO-Guidelines: Enrolment and Support Procedures for Students with Special Needs.

Reflection Material

  • Mission Statement - St Mary's School, Bowen
  • Mission Statement - Catholic Education Office, Townsville
  • CEO - Enrolment Policy - General Nov 1996
  • CEO - School Fee Collection Policy (Draft June 1996)
  • CEO - Guidelines Enrolment and Support Procedures for Students with Special Needs Aug 1994
  • CEO - Schools' Handbook, Section 6 - Students 1993
  • The Catholic School - Rome 1977


  1. Parents of all prospective applicants will be given a School Handbook and enrolment form. If after reading all the information, parents decide to apply for admission for their child to St Mary’s School, the enrolment form is to be completed and returned to the school as soon as possible. Cases of special need (spiritual, material emotional, physical, pastoral) which arise at this point may necessitate individual attention.
  2. Parents will be required to make an appointment with the Principal. They will be asked to bring with them a copy of the child’s baptismal certificate, and if transferring from another school, the previous schools transfer note and a copy of the child’s latest report.
  3. Enrolment decisions are made by the Principal.
  4. Where the physical resources of the school dictate that an enrolment ceiling be established, consideration for enrolment will be according to the priority of:
    • 1st - the unit of the family (children with siblings already enrolled in the school community),
    • 2nd - children of Catholic families who worship regularly in the Parish,
    • 3rd - children of Catholic families who do not worship regularly in the Parish,
    • 4th - children of non-Catholic families who can support the Catholic ethos of the school.
  5. When considering the enrolment of students with special needs the Principal will refer to ENROLMENT OF STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.(CEO Schools' Handbook)
  6. When considering the enrolment of non-Catholic students and families the Principal will refer to ENROLMENT OF NON-CATHOLIC STUDENTS. (CEO Schools' Handbook)
  7. Confirmation of a successful application for enrolment will normally be given in writing.


Enrolment is open to children whose parents are seeking membership of a community of faith and learning for their children and who share the goals and values as set out in the Mission statement of the school.


Principal: Mrs Colette Williams 

39 Poole Street
Bowen QLD 4805

P: (07) 4786 1203
F: (07) 4786 2314

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